Nonini at War with Tech Company over Copyright

Nonini at War with Tech Company over Copyright

Legendary Genge artist Hubert Nakitare alias Nonini is going to war with a tech company after they used his song without his permission. Nonini on Wednesday, July 27, reported that a company named Synix had used his song in an advert without asking him.

“Syinix Electronics decided to do a very brilliant advert using my song WeKamu. The only problem is they didn’t ask for permission,” Nonini tweeted.

Nonini reported that even thought the advertisement was brilliant, his legendary hit song should have been used with his permission.

The video shared on Twitter has the song playing in the background as the characters in the clip sit and watch a television set from the company Synix.

Nonini tagged all the branches of the company that are in kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

“A synchronization license is required no matter how small a portion of the song you use especially for commercial purposes. If a song is synced on a video you will need to pay the composer of the song no matter how small the portion of the composition is used,” the Genge star said.

“Music rightsholders know how to defend their rights, and not having a sync license puts your company at risk. The music industry earns its revenue from copyrights and so music rights holders please take legal action against any form of infringement,” he informed.


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