The Bahatis Expecting A Baby Girl

The Bahatis Expecting A Baby Girl

Diana Bahati is excited about the new family member joining the already ballooning Bahatis. The rapper went online on Tuesday, October 18 to give the fans good news.

“It’s a baby girl. Thank you God for answered prayers,” she posted on her Instagram page letting fans know that the incoming baby was a girl.

The Bahatis received so many congratulatory messages from celebrities who follow them online. The first comment came from YouTuber Eve Mungai who gave them her congratulations.

Below are some other comments:

Congratulations 👏👏👏
Congrats but trust you me from yesterday when ulisema umekula mawe Yako yote trust you me was sure that Heaven was the winner,am also 7months now na hizo mawe inanikosanisha na watu sana but wish mtu anaweza elewa that kick ya mawe weeeeh
Yaaaaaaaaas I Got It Right With Wendo ❤️ Team Gal All The Way, Congratulations Our Queen And Safe Delivery
Congratulations,baby heaven should be given her gift 🎁 she guessed right with kokoto.

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