Should Comedian Mimicking ‘RIGGY G’ Be Rewarded?

Should Comedian Mimicking ‘RIGGY G’ Be Rewarded?

Kenyans on Twitter went wild when Ivy Chelimo, the young woman who coined the Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s nickname was handed a job offer by Riggy G. The DP on Monday, October 17 met with Ivy Chelimo and offered her a job at his office.

Now KOT, with the usual extravagance, is demanding that a viral comedian who mimics the DP also be awarded for his efforts. The comedian, who goes by the name Mr K Mwenyewe on Instagram, is being pushed into the limelight so he at least gets the recognition that Kenyans think he deserves.

Fellow comedian Mtumba man raised the concern saying that after Chelimo’s success, it was only right if this new comedian was also awarded a job by the DP.

“Honorable Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua this man deserves a chance too just like the young lady. In fact this man deserves more,” he said.

Mtumba man continued, “We will be much more proud of you if you do something for this young man. Rigy G we know you can do it.”

Kenyans on Instagram also showed their support by tagging the Deputy President on the post making sure that it could get to him.


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