Video: Legendary Artists Manager David Guoro Launches Artists Management Masterclass

Legendary artists manager David Guoro has launched an Artists Management Masterclass. Guoro, who has been in the music industry for over a decade, shared the news with us on Saturday, September 23 showing what he was offering in the course.

In a video he shared with us, Guoro explained that the class would be enrolling anyone that was passionate about taking the journey into artists management. David laid out what he was planning for those who enrolled.

Welcome to the Artist Management Masterclass!

Learn how to manage artists in the music industry with Artist Management Masterclass, a course for anyone who loves music and wants to master this skill.
You will learn how to find and develop talent, create and market artist brands, negotiate contracts and rights, plan and execute marketing campaigns, manage finances and revenue, build and collaborate with a team, manage crises and challenges, stay ahead of trends and innovations, adapt to the digital age, expand internationally, and strategize for long-term success.
You will also earn a certificate that proves your mastery of artist management. Don’t miss this chance to boost your career, impact, and opportunities in the music industry with Artist Management Masterclass.
Enroll now and join the world of artist management.

Enroll here:

Below is the video he shared

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