Unspoken Salaton: The Gengetone Sensation Unveils a Dance-Ready Groove “Drop”

Unspoken Salaton: The Gengetone Sensation Unveils a Dance-Ready Groove “Drop”

Unspoken Salaton, the rising star in Kenya’s Gengetone music scene, is back with a fresh and electrifying single that’s poised to get you on your feet. While he still retains his signature rapping drawl, his latest release, “Drop,” takes a different approach. It’s all about the melody and the dance floor.

In “Drop,” Unspoken Salaton collaborates with Teslah and Ugandan artist Legion East, and the result is a perfect blend of their talents, delivering a track that’s primed for the party vibe.

Ever since the release of his hit EP, “Mambo Ni Mengi,” in 2022, Unspoken Salaton has been on a non-stop musical journey. The Gengetone sensation promises that 2023 will be an even bigger year for him, with debut projects in the pipeline.

“Drop” is currently available on all major digital streaming platforms, setting the stage for an unforgettable dance experience. Stay tuned, as the music video is on the horizon, and it’s bound to be a visual treat. With its up-tempo beats and infectious energy, “Drop” is set to be the soundtrack of the party scene in 2023, bringing nothing but good vibes to fans of Unspoken Salaton, Teslah, and Legion East. Get ready to dance your heart out!

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