The Best Jabs from KOT’s fight with Caroline Mutoko

The Best Jabs from KOT’s fight with Caroline Mutoko

Celebrated media personality Caroline Mutoko was at the receiving end of a massive social media attack after her comments on matatus using the Expressway. The former Kiss 100 presenter felt the wrath of Kenyans on Twitter who did not like what she said concerning matatus on the newly built road.

Most Kenyans on the social media platform went full on Russia-Ukraine and totally eviscerated the media personality. The first jabs were thrown at her for her alleged involvement in the death of politician Mutula Kilonzo.

One user by the name Gideon Kibicho did a summary of his ammunition as follows:

@GideonKibicho1 commented, “Caroline Mutoko names today 1. Shawry for Viagra 2. Luka Modick 3. Sex Fabregas 4. Ngono Kante 5. Bed to bed midfielder.”
@AgwamboKen2 said, “From sex Fabregas, shawry for Viagra,ngono kante &bed to bed midfielder… KOT has done Caroline Mutoko baaad.”
@EduWashiali noted, “This is Caroline Mutoko aka Sex Fabregas or Ngono Kante, the bed to bed Shawry midfielder who made Mutula Kilonzo come and go on the expressway to heaven. She’s also called Luka Moredick bed maestro who doesn’t want Matatus on the express way!”
@otienofw revealed, “Instagram is a fake place for real. I look at Caroline Mutoko’s posts and it’s all about praises and those weird fire emojis. Leo amekuja Twitter kutoa her immature opinion akakutana na the full force of KOT. Long live KOT! We are slowly fixing the nation.”

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