Nina Roz and Daddy Andre song “Fertilizer” trending on YouTube

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre song “Fertilizer” trending on YouTube

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s highly anticipated collaboration has finally arrived, and it is taking the Ugandan music scene by storm.

Their recent release, “Fertilizer,” not only showcases their undeniable chemistry and musical prowess but has also climbed its way up the ranks to become a top trending song on YouTube in Uganda.

From the very first verse, Daddy Andre takes charge, setting the stage for an electrifying exchange with Nina Roz during the chorus.

The energy of the crowd in the background adds an extra layer of excitement to the track. However, it is Nina Roz’s second verse that truly steals the show, leaving listeners captivated by her impeccable delivery and flawless execution.

“Fertilizer” effortlessly glides on an up-tempo, afropop-infused acoustic groove, swiftly capturing the attention of both radio and streaming platforms.

It comes as no surprise that the song has become an instant sensation, securing a spot among the top 10 trending videos on YouTube in Uganda and amassing a significant number of streams on various digital platforms.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz have unquestionably delivered a hit that not only mesmerizes audiences but also solidifies their positions as remarkable artists in the ever-evolving music industry.


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