Why the Tales of Crazy Kennar Split Feels like Clout Chasing

Why the Tales of Crazy Kennar Split Feels like Clout Chasing

Crazy Kennar and his former crew had a social media showdown on Tuesday, July 4, when some of the members started unfollowing the comedian. Bushra and Africas had already unfollowed him on his socials, with Yvonne Khisa being the only one left.

Yvonne finally caved and unfollowed the comedian leading to Kenyans reacting to the news of the once-popular Tales of Crazy Kennar group’s downfall. This came about by the cryptic messages that some of the members started sending each other.

Things escalated to a point where Crazy Kennar’s girlfriend Natalie had to chime in. Kennar had earlier posted a message that seemed to be directed to his former mates. His “Depression is real” post had the other members slamming him for playing the victim.

Natalie came to her man’s defense claiming that the women were out to get him calling for the popular “Fear women” slogan.

But we have seen this movie before. It might be real and the group might be finally calling it quits, but something does not feel right. If we look at it carefully, the only member that was holding the group together and making them all kinds of money was Kennar.

The group going separate ways only benefits Kennar in the long run. He has been doing quite well in those solo skits. The other members are trying but they cannot get the numbers that they used to get when they were in skits with Kennar.

The brand has been created around the comedian so leaving the group will hurt the women. This now interpreted fully only spells trouble for the girls. If they are confident enough to make it, then they will leave permanently.

Aside from that analysis, at the back of our minds, we can see another show in the works. All this hype surrounding them right now can translate into a mini series that ight be in the pipeline. We know this move.


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