Beef Season: Nakuru VS Naivasha Rappers

Beef Season: Nakuru VS Naivasha Rappers

Nakuru and Naivasha have long been quiet cities when it came to entertainment because of the continued walking in the shadows of Nairobi and Mombasa. The two zones have produced talent but only when the people involved have moved to either Nairobi or Mombasa.

That is about to change with the new excitement being witnessed online. Nakuru rapper Jackpin Samurai started the fire when he referred to a sentiment made by Hip Hop blogger and creative Bloga Flani on his post.

Jackpin Samurai took a swing at Naivasha rappers claiming the quiet town did not have any talent that could be considered influential in the entertainment industry.

Naivasha rapper Blackpass Vasho was waiting in the wings and joined in to take a shot at Jackpin Samurai. The two got into it and it became a public rivalry on Facebook.

The two even went ahead to come up with a poster pitting them against each other. This turned the whole deal into a heated conversation that is only getting bigger and better.

It is yet to see how things will pan out but at last, it is interesting to see how the two zones can become powerhouses in the Hip Hop world.

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