Black Market Latin new music out from El Yoking

Black Market Latin new music out from El Yoking

New Black Market Latin signee El Yoking is setting a pace already in his new music venture under the label. The Cuban songwriter, rapper, performing and recording artist El Yoking  recalls when he started making music and the evolution that has happened, quoting that the label has changed his life and the course of his musical career.

El Yoking joined Black Market Records in 2021 and has a huge catalog that is underway set to come out soon with the latest one being ‘El Punti Nalga’, a song that is  anticipated to get on trending and put him in the mainstream.

The young versatile, multi-talented and unpredictable artist credits Chocolate MC, Wildey, Popy y La Moda, and his idol Harryson for inspiring his music upbringing and writing when he was coming up. Since he is the same industry he looks forward to working some of the names who inspired his music.

With all the success that is now sorrounding him, he has build the confidence to step on big stages and he is currently one of the most acknowledged household names in the Cuban entertainment scene.

He has promised to elevate his music game plan and soar to greatness. This year marks the inception of the greater future plan for himself under Black Market Records now that they’ve officially launched in Cuba.

El Yoking’s current song ‘El Punti Nalga’ is no doubt going to be a global hit, it’s now out and available on all the music streaming platforms.
Stream the song when it premiers on the link below


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