Urban Folkore Artist Moseh Drummist Feleases Hope Filled Song Ndalo Keyo

Urban Folkore Artist Moseh  Drummist Feleases Hope Filled Song Ndalo Keyo

Moseh Drummist,  a veteran when it comes to matters instruments, recently released Ndalo Keyo with the main aim
of sparking inspiration to all lovely people out there.

The song carries a strong message of hope, the time to harvest
all the good things .we’ve been anticipating and worked relentlessly towards is finally here.

Ndalo Keyo is symbolic to a time to receive long awaited for blessings.

Interestingly, Moseh Drummist composed and wrote the song back in 2013; it was only until a few months ago when it got released.
The  heart and soul lie deep in the diverse and rich percussion elements captured throughout the song.

The blend of drums and other traditional African instruments evokes such a Hypnotic groove that you can barely resit.

As you listen to the intricate and rather intimate polyrhythms, you are automatically transported right to the heart of
Africa, a sensation that appeals to your sense of cultural celebration and immersion.

The production here is pure genius. It is an impeccable blend and seamless fusion between contemporary and
traditional music.

With this kind of fusion, Moseh Drummist manages to kill two birds with one stone; creating a tune that pays homage to the deep African heritage, while at the same time paving way for a unique international
and global appeal.

Moseh incorporates the drums so cleverly, bringing about an aesthetic feel of versatility.

The song provides a perfect
backdrop for both relaxed music sessions (given its melodic charm), and dance floors alike.

The beats here are quite
infectious, and the drums are representive of our cultural authenticity as Africans.

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