Sautisol’s Bien Advises Artists To Market Their Work

Sautisol’s Bien Advises Artists To Market Their Work

Bien was speaking on Boombuzz Live with Jinx when he noted that most Kenyan artists release their songs and sit back. Talking with the former Homeboyz Radio host on Monday, August 1, the singer claimed that there was a lot of work to be done after a song was recorded.

He mentioned that some artists he had met recorded songs and after releasing them, he realized that they did not have the same song all over their social media.

Bien said that the work officially started after an artist had recorded their song. Marketing was an important part of any working strategy as an artist.

He also revealed that his wife Chiki pushed him to always make sure that he is marketing his latest releases. Bien reported that after his songs came out, he was forced to market them.

Sautisol’s Bien with wife Chiki.

Jinx also saw the importance of having a team around you, especially management. “Management is important but before you get there, you should also learn to manage yourself,” Bien commented.

The singer recently released a song called Naumia, also has two collabos, one with Brandy and Maandy, and another Sautisol collaboration with Khaligraph Jones.

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