Noti Flow’s Ex Allegedly Jumps from 8th Floor Building

Noti Flow’s Ex Allegedly Jumps from 8th Floor Building

Unconfirmed reports reaching us this afternoon suggest that rapper Noti Flow’s Ex King Alami jumped from the 8th floor of an apartment in Nairobi. The news that was broken by blogger Edgar Obare on Friday, October 21 say that it is alleged that King Alami was the girl who jumped from Queen’s Park apartment in Roysambu.

According to the report, Alami threw herself from the 8th floor and broke her arm but was still breathing when the police came for her. Chats seen by our team on Edgar Obare’s blog show that Alami was arguing with another woman.

The anonymous source claimed that the two got into a huge fight that culminated in the incident that happened. The source noted that Alami had also twisted her leg and it was facing the other side.

It was also mentioned that Alami’s new girl was arrested by police when they came for her body. Most reports on social media insinuated that she had not survived but the source affirmed that she was still alive by the time she was being taken to the hospital.

King Alami has been in an on and off relationship with Noti Flow with the two dating for a while now. They broke up after rumors surfaced that King Alami was cheating on Noti.

They broke up and ever since, Noti Flow has been busy with her music and lost concentration on her love life.

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