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“Azziad All I Want For My Birthday Is You ” Gidi Kocha Opens Up .

  • The birthday boy himself entrepreneur and musician Gidi Kocha is back with another request , this time wishing it will be granted to him.

As the outspoken and vocal singer celebrates what he has deemed to be his 18th birthday .He has decided to make it clear what he wants to be an icing on the cake literally talking and he wants nothing to do with gifts but a certain damsle by the name of Azziad Nasenya

Fans to the Mbona singer have spotted him thirsting for the sumptuous TikTok star on the comment section of her latest post.

The singer who recently opened a couple of beauty shop palours,  penned a comment where he poured his wishes for his womb escape day and how he would be a happy man if she came through


Will Azziad respond?

Stay put for more

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