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Mbuzi Gang’s Joefes Narrates Experience with A Gay Man

Mbuzi Gang’s Joefes Narrates Experience with A Gay Man

Rapper Joefes, a member of one of Kenya’s biggest music groups Mbuzi Gang, has come out to share his experience with a gay guy. Using his Tik Tok account, on Tuesday, May 9, he posted about his confusing encounter with the unidentified man.

“Niko studio working on a couple of projects. Nilikuwa na beshte yangu. Then the guy is like tufike Ruaka for a couple of drinks and then tutarudi studio baadae. I was like why not,” he stated. The rapper went on to tell of his journey to the club.

Joefes continued,” Tumeingia gari tumefika Ruaka a certain club I don’t remember the name. I think mabeshte zake walikuwa huko pia. And then drinks zika come tukaanza kunywa.” He revealed that at one point he got pressed and had to use the bathroom.

The rapper went into the bathroom and that is where things got out of hand, literally. “So venye nimeenda kukojoa msee mmoja akanifuata. Bazuu tu flani, very respectable man akanifuata. And you know the rules. Kunakuaga na one rule as men. Ukiwa kwa urinal, hufai kukojoa kando yangu,” he kept going.

Joefes told of this man who stood beside him as he went about his bathroom business and could not respect his space. He got a bit uncomfortable but tried to stay calm. What the man did next is what threw him off.

Rappers Mbuzi Gang. Joefes is a member of the group.

“Then akageuka. Remember hajarudisha hata deki ndani ya trouser. It’s hanging out and the guy is talking to me. I thought that maybe the guy was drunk. The thing was just hanging like a snake,” he expressed his shock!

The Mbuzi Gang member claimed that the man slammed him for having an Iphone 7 while he had an iPhone 13. “Wewe msanii mkubwa na uko na iPhone 7?” the man exclaimed. Joefes concluded that he was an artists’ manager because of the way he said he inspired his artists.

This comes weeks after Odi Wa Murang’a also reported on a similar experience at a club where he was performing. A story that was thought of as clout chasing.

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