Edgar Obare Leaks Citizen TV’s Hassan Mugambi’s Nudes

Edgar Obare Leaks Citizen TV’s Hassan Mugambi’s Nudes

On Tuesday, May 9th, Kenyan blogger and tea master Edgar Obare allegedly released nude photos of Citizen TV crime and investigative journalist reporter Hassan Mugambi on his Telegram channel BNN.

Blogger Edgar Obare

Blogger : Edgar Obare

The news of the photos sent shockwaves through social media, with many Kenyans expressing outrage at Edgar’s actions.

Hassan Mugambi had allegedly recently become engaged to his now fiancée entrepreneur Mwanaidy Shishy, and many were upset by the timing of Edgar’s release of the photos.

Hassan Mugambi with his fiancée Mwanaidy Shishy

Photo courtesy: Hassan Mugambi’s Instagram

Mugambi had been publicly declaring his love for his fiancée on social media, and just two days before the photos were released, he had posted a heartfelt message on his Instagram page to celebrate his fiancée’s birthday.

In the post, Mugambi described his fiancée Mwanaidy as a “candle in the dark” that lights up his heart and thanked God for bringing her into his life.

Shishi responded by calling Mugambi her answered prayer as she professed her love for the journalist. The couple has not yet commented on the release of the photos by Edgar Obare.

Some Twitter users have called for Edgar’s arrest, citing his history of causing breakups by exposing cheating in relationships. However, others have come to his defense, arguing that he is simply doing his job as a blogger and journalist.

The incident has reignited the debate over the ethics of publishing sensitive information, especially when it comes to public figures.

Hassan Mugambi's Alleged Nude photo

Hassan Mugambi’s Alleged Nude photo

While some argue that the public has a right to know about the private lives of public figures, others believe that privacy should be respected, regardless of the person’s status.

In Kenya, the issue is particularly sensitive, given the prevalence of revenge porn and other forms of online harassment. The country’s cybercrime laws are still evolving, and there is often confusion over what constitutes a crime online.

Edgar’s critics argue that by publishing the photos, he has violated the privacy of Hassan Mugambi and his fiancée, and potentially damaged their reputations. They have called on him to take responsibility for his actions and apologize to the couple, with some asking Hassan to sue him.

The incident has once again highlighted the need for responsible journalism and ethical reporting, especially in the age of social media.

As the debate rages on, many are hoping that lessons will be learned and that similar incidents can be avoided in the future.

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