DJs or Sex Appeal? Why Clubs are Going for Female DJs

DJs or Sex Appeal? Why Clubs are Going for Female DJs

The new trend in nightclubs is turning into a menacing sex appeal debate. It started with club photography, the hottest thing in the entertainment industry. Kenya has its share of the hottest female DJs, like DJ Pierra taking the game by storm.

This phenomenon is not in Kenya alone. Most African countries are also embracing the new culture. South Africa has its list of probably the hottest female DJs on the continent. The likes of DJ Zinleh continue to raise the bar high for entertainment.

The issue with female DJs comes down to how they dress when they are on the decks. We understand the whole “my dress my choice debate” but when it get’s to entertainment, sexual appeal is an area where we tend to ignore.

Female DJs keep cropping up and taking over denying male DJs the opportunity to entertain. The skill set is there and some of them are actually good, but their sex appeal makes them an advantage to clubs who are looking to sell out tickets.

The way female DJs are packaged is normally in a way to attract men to attend these clubs and boost sales. They are used as sex symbols to entice men into crawling into clubs to witness the skimpy dressed ladies pretending to spin.

Sex appeal among DJs is an issue that has not been talked about a lot but it is starting to grow like an unnecessary weed in the farm. It is slowly climbing into the industry, quietly too, and taking over. Female DJs offer the attraction value that most men don’t have. They offer an opportunity to not only get entertained, but get entertained. If you know what I mean.

This is not to tarnish or disrespect their names, but just an observation on the new entertainment phenomena.


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