Hip Hop Wednesdays S2E3 , New EP & Albums Coming Your Way.

Hip Hop Wednesdays S2E3 , New EP & Albums Coming Your Way.
On today’s HipHop Wednesdays segment, i focus on new projects from massively and immensely talented artists and rappers , letting you know why vibing to them is a must.

The Throne -Bmixx Ke Official.

Four years later his highly anticipated album The Throne is finally on its way out.

BmixxKe Official Tracklist

The rapper is not your ordinary joe as he has deviced ways to keep his fans hooked by releasing a gem off the album dubbed fire burn.


Just this week the artist finally revealed the tracklist & and features on the 16 track project .The albums listening party is slated for May 22nd.


Listen to the featured artists songs on this dope complication playlist;



Litmus – Elly Wee.

The dancehall artist is back with his first project


Litmus , a title which can be seen as a metaphor for his experiment with different genres from the ones he is used to.

The Litmus EP comes with glam as it’s all about ,falling in love, flirting , painting the world with good vibes .not forgetting to mention the fire features from established and upcoming music acts.


Saba Bora – Mode Yule G

Rapper Mode Yule G is now hinting at the release of new EP dubbed Saba Bora.

Mode Yule G working on new Extended Project.

The title of the album Saba Bora simply translates to seven best picks of his unreleased music library.

Mode Yule G seems to be coming out guns ablaze as he wants to flood the market with countless projects , leaving no chance to even celebrate his recent album’s 5,000 streams fete on Boomplay.

2023 is proving to be a promising year for Mode who released the album to sold out crowd ,and has gone to rock huge crowds with hits off the project from events such as at Machakos university and the recent concluded event at Ajiry Center at Makueni

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