Mfalme Leads the list of the Top 20 DJs In Kenya

Mfalme Leads the list of the Top 20 DJs In Kenya

When you hear of DJ Joe Mfalme, what comes to your mind? Well, Kenyan music is nowhere without DJs. They are the first stop that Kenyan artists make so that their music can be shared all over. These DJs make mixes that are appreciated especially in our matatus. You probably listen to most new music from Dj mixes more than on the radio.

That is why we decided to come up with a list of the best DJs in the country. DJs, both old and new, have been considered on the list. Remember this is my opinion. You are also free to add some of your favorite DJs to the list.

Here is my analysis:

  1. DJ Joe Mfalme
  2. DJ Kalonje
  3. DJ Pinye
  4. DJ Creme De La Creme
  5. DJ Stylez
  6. DJ Bash
  7. DJ Mo
  8. DJ Kym Nickdee
  9. DJ Adrian
  10. DJ Protege
  11. DJ Mellow
  12. DJ Andie
  13. DJ Slick
  14. DJ Lifa
  15. DJ Fully Focus
  16. DJ Xtacy
  17. DJ Joe Kisila
  18. DJ Sam Omol
  19. DJ Malaika
  20. DJ Hypnotiq

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