‘RIGY G’ Nickname Lands Ivy Chelimo Lucrative Job

‘RIGY G’ Nickname Lands Ivy Chelimo Lucrative Job

What started out as a meme has now turned a young woman in Ivy Chelimo into one of the top earners in the country. Ivy Chelimo finally met Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Monday, October 17 and has been promised a government job.

Rigy G, as he is now popularly called, revealed that he had met Ivy Chelimo who coined his name during the heat of the campaigns in August. He reported that Chelimo would now work in his office in an undisclosed capacity.

He took to the stage with the young and shy Chelimo and also asked people if they wanted to listen to her talk.

Ivy appeared on NTV a month ago and was interviewed by Amina Rabar on how she came up with the name. The soft spoken Chelimo was excited about the debate when Rigathi was winning against Martha Karua in the Deputy Presidential tuff wars.

“I follow politics a lot and I have ambitions that in the coming years I will vie for MCA or Senator in Nandi County,” she mentioned.

Rigy G then asked to meet her on live Television during his interview on Citizen TV. His team found out about Chelimo and contacted her and the two finally met.


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