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Nana Owiti Recollects King Kaka’s Medical Struggle

Nana Owiti Recollects King Kaka’s Medical Struggle

Rapper King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti took fans on an emotional journey when she shared about her husband’s struggle with health. In a post made on her Instagram on Thursday, February 2, Owiti recalled how the rapper faced a close call to death during that time.

In the long post she made, Nana Owiti remembered how her husband came close to kicking the bucket when there was a medical misdiagnosis. She mentioned to her fans how that was one of the most difficult times of her life.

“On my phone memories, this pic just made an appearance and my God! Let’s just say I shed a tear. Why am I lying? I cried and ‘crode’,” she started off. Owiti noted that the picture she was looking at was of his husband at the time of his illness.

She continued by describing the picture in which the rapper was wearing a red bucket hat and a Manchester United jersey with a bandaged right arm. The sassy TV host explained the photo confessing that her husband could barely fit in the large bucket hat.

“We had just left the hospital here so as you can imagine, the days and nights prior to this were longer. King Kaka could barely sit on this chair for three minutes. His bones were feeble. Man I don’t know about you but I know God exists because we experienced His love,” she confessed.

Nana also offered advice to people who thought they were going through so much at the moment encouraging them to continue trusting that they would come out victorious in the end.

“As I always say, stop trying to calm the storm, it’s impossible. Calm yourself and the storm will pass. I love you guys,” she concluded.

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