Kuna Kuna song hits over 1 millions views in less than one month

Kuna Kuna song hits over 1 millions views in less than one month

The most trending song in Kenya ‘Kuna Kuna’ from Black Market Records that dropped on On Monday, October 10, 2022, today has surpassed over 1 million views in less than one month on Youtube. The song features Fathermoh, Brandy Maina, Savara and Thee Exit Band, since it’s release it has been the highlight song for fans and music lovers.

Due to the distinctive rhythm, atmosphere, and flows by Brandy Maina,Savara and the outstanding singers on the chorus Thee Exit Band then finally the Viking rap from Fthermoh it has earned widespread acclaim and a large audience.

Vic West, the creative producer behind the hit and the artists posted messages on their social media accounts to let fans know that the song is performing well, sharing their delight and thankfulness for the achievement of the milestone.

The song has also become a popular TikTok trend thanks to numerous young fans in Kenya, lip-syncing the song’s lyrics. The song has also been well welcomed by listeners and content producers who have infused their creativity into the song to create videos that many people find to be both relatable and humorous.

Don’t just sit there, rush to Youtube and check out this amazing timeless tune, view via the link below



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