Godfrey K performs his latest song ‘Awurila’ on Black Market Records Live Session

Godfrey K performs his latest song ‘Awurila’ on Black Market Records Live Session

Godfrey K is back like he never left with another inspiring gospel song that speaks about the love of God. In this latest song ‘Awurila’ performed under Black Market Records Live session, the singer talks about God Hearing Us when we pray unto to Him.

The man of God, Godfrey Karuhanga has been busy doing the work of God as he released his much anticipated album ‘Wonders of God’ just two months ago but that didn’t make him comfortable as he followed it with a recently released single ‘Shine’ which was released just a week ago.

Awulira is a single off the same album that recently dropped, the song shows how the singer is passionate about the mission of spreading the gospel and bringing enlightenment to those in who don’t know God yet. Under Black Market Records he has established a name for himself, rooting for the gospel industry in Uganda.

The live performance session is available on YouTube on Black Market Records channel, watch it via the link below



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