Massage? I’m Not Boarding Ka Miguna!

Massage? I’m Not Boarding Ka Miguna!

There has been a lot of talk about the massage videos that were shared by one Steve who got the whole nation in their feelings. The massage therapist got the nation united just like that fake Azziad-look=alike clip and of course the nudes from rising star Boutross.

The massage business has turned into one of the most lucrative businesses in town with customers flooding the enterprise. The comments that followed the revelation made by Steve saw a mammoth of both women and men wanting to get their bodies explored.

He was interviewed for the videos that showed him massaging women that were fully naked and he made one revelation that most men still doubt to this day. Steve assured that he has never had sex with the women in the videos in an interview at Radio Maisha on Wednesday, April 5.

Steve mentioned that he was serious about his work and would never do anything that would jeopardize himself or his clients.

On my side, I was not fazed. Nitasimama wima. Hata majaribu yakija. I will remain firm. And to prove it, I have never gone to a barbershop that had a lady hidden in the corner waiting for me to finish shaving so they can lay their nasty hands on me. I have never!

The only woman allowed to touch my head suggestively is Halima from Bombolulu. She has all the rights. All the authority, on earth and in heaven. She can do whatever she wants to my head. But in Kinyozis, I will draw the line. In massage parlors, I will fear for my life!

I have had the urge of going to a massage before but since I realized the business was filled with sex hungry slaves, I have never looked back. Kaburi la sahau. The “Happy Ending” part always enticed me but then I met Halima and now I don’t need Steve.

All I need right now is a cold bottle of Juice ya Ukwaju, with Halima by my side.


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