Otile Brown Loses New Song on YouTube over Copyright

Otile Brown Loses New Song on YouTube over Copyright

Singer Otile Brown has had his new song taken down from YouTube due to a copyright claim. The video to the song ‘Celebration’ was taken down on Monday, August 1.

Looking through the singer’s account, our team found out that there was only a song from six months ago that was his latest release.

His collaboration with Tanzania’s Harmonize on the song ‘Woman’ is his latest release coming out six months ago. Celebration was the song he had released the video to lately but it is no longer on his YouTube account.

Otile Brown is yet to come out and report on the issue but a little dive into a report that was shared by Nairobi Gossip Club revealed that the song was indeed not on his YouTube account.

This is not the first time he has had struggles with copyright claims as his mega hit song with Sanaipei Tande also faced the same troubles.

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