Octopizzo and Kenya’s Best Hip Hop Verses

Octopizzo and Kenya’s Best Hip Hop Verses

Kenya’s hip-hop scene has seen the emergence of many talented artists who have delivered memorable verses. Some notable Kenyan hip-hop artists include Octopizzo, Khaligraph Jones, and Nyashinski, among others.

One of the most iconic and widely appreciated hip-hop verses in Kenya comes from Octopizzo’s song “Black Star,” particularly his first verse in the song. In this verse, Octopizzo showcases his lyrical prowess, addressing issues of identity, culture, and social justice. The verse resonated with many listeners and played a significant role in establishing Octopizzo as a prominent figure in Kenyan hip-hop.

Okay, born in a mud house, kibera matopeniPampers zi ju buda hange afford juu hana anyNappy boy juu bila pampers bado nimejipinNa nappy si mpya ni zenye mother ali inherit from next of kinSix years later mi najoin class one, Mashimoni primo good morning ni wagwanIkifika afte, Goodafternoon ni walan, I Was a shotta in class oneRasta bila dreadlocks, stabbin dem r, Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, classicBad boy i stole my first nikies, nice kicks, Shy boy, i never talked to dem hot nice chicks7, 8, tukaanza the debate, between pac and biggie mtu wangu kwa streets who’s the best top 10Always number 8 in my class, Multiply mulla, haters suprise

Another influential hip-hop verse in Kenya comes from Khaligraph Jones in his track “Yego.” In this song, Khaligraph delivers a high-energy verse with impressive wordplay and flow. The verse’s catchy nature and Khaligraph’s distinctive style helped popularize the song both in Kenya and beyond.

Nyashinski, a versatile Kenyan artist, has also contributed memorable hip-hop verses throughout his career. His verse in the song “Now You Know” stands out for its clever wordplay and storytelling ability.

It’s important to note that the best hip-hop verse can vary depending on personal taste and the specific aspects of a verse that resonate with an individual, such as lyrical content, delivery, flow, or storytelling. What one person considers the best hip-hop verse may differ from someone else’s opinion.

Kenya’s hip-hop scene continues to evolve, with new talent constantly emerging and pushing the boundaries of the genre. As a result, there are many verses to explore and appreciate in the Kenyan hip-hop landscape, each offering a unique perspective and style. Ultimately, the best hip-hop verse in Kenya is a matter of personal preference and can change over time as new artists and verses come to the forefront of the industry.

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