“I Got Ksh13 From Skizza Tunes” – LiL Felly

“I Got Ksh13 From Skizza Tunes” – LiL Felly

Rapper Lil Felly has lamented the treatment he got from Skizza Tunes. The rapper on Wednesday, July 20, revealed that had only been paid Ksh13.

“Nilinunua Ngumu mbili na switi tatu,” Lil Felly confirmed following reports that he had received that amount from the subscription company.

Other artists also started commenting on the issue showing the amount of money they had received from different platforms.

Mziwanda Samjay confirmed by sharing a screenshot of the money he had gotten from NGOMA. “haiyaa kumbe heri mimi basi na vile nimelalamika woi,” he explained.

The discussion started when Luo Rapper of the Year winner Vioxii Dede posted that he had received Ksh50 from Content Aggregation Limited. “Hao ”CONTENT AGGREGATION LIMITED” wananitumia chwani ni kina nani…kuna contract zingine nikama nili sign nikiwa high ama waliniwekea mchele,” Vioxii said.

Lil Felly jumped in the comments sections and stated that he had also received peanuts for his music. “Skiza tune ya Citizen TV 😂😂. Wamenipiga 13bob nikachukua Ngumu moja na switi tatu,” he confirmed.

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