DJ Khaled’s Album GOD DID Goes Top of Hip Hop Charts

DJ Khaled’s Album GOD DID Goes Top of Hip Hop Charts

Dj Khaled is back again with another dominating album. The producer was not backing down from hitting Hip Hop fans with this masterful project. Released on Friday, August 26, the album included the best rappers in the world.

The album is already topping charts in most countries including Kenya. It is number one on both Spotify and Apple Music. DJ Khaled also has the best rapper on the project with the most outstanding collaboration involving Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross.

The title track has the aforementioned rappers and everyone is still talking about that Jay Z verse that lasted for over 3 minutes. The song itself lasted for over 8 minutes with John Legend singing the chorus to it.

God Did is the title track and Jay Z is the most talked about rapper on the joint. He had a lot to say and that is why he got the most time on the album. He also had some stiff competition from Lil Wayne who only had less than a minute but spit the most facts.

Another underrated track is the joint featuring Kanye West and Eminem. It has not been talked about a lot but it is one of the best on the album.

The album also involves Migos, Fabulous, Future, Lil Baby, SZA among other superstars. You guys should really go out and check it out.

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