Kennedy Rapudo Defends Ex Amber Ray After Breakup

Kennedy Rapudo Defends Ex Amber Ray After Breakup

Businessman Kennedy Rapudo is not letting fans trash his former girlfriend socialite Amber Ray. In a series of question and answer sessions on his Instagram on Thursday, August 25, Rapudo fiercely defended his ex-girlfriend from trolls.

Rapudo was asked to make more money in a hope that Amber Ray will come running back to him. His response put the case back to rest.

“She was never with me because of money. Next time get your facts right rather than making a fool out of yourself,” he replied.

The businessman went ahead to answer a question that insinuated that he deserved better than Amber Ray. Rapudo reported that Ray was equally mature and classy and he felt like she was still up to his standard of women he would date.

Another question pried into his financial losses from dating Amber Ray. A fan asked how much money had Amber taken from him.

“She does gigs, brands and has her own line of business. She has her own money to spend. With or without any man she can comfortably pay her own bills. Not all ladies date men because of money,” he said.

Rapudo and Amber Ray recently confirmed their breakup after what was an on and off relationship. The two started datinf after the socialite broke up with her Sierra Leonean boyfriend.

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