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Stevo Simple Boy Releases Much Anticipated Freshi Barida Remix

Stevo Simple Boy Releases Much Anticipated Freshi Barida Remix

Rapper Stevo Simple Boys has followed up on his promise to release the remix to his mega hit ‘Freshi Barida’ that came out a month ago. The rapper has dropped the remix that features South African Amapiano star Ntosh Ngazi.

The song also features Gengetone sensation Exray, formerly of Boondocks Gang and Genge superstar Mejja. Stevo Simple Boy seems to be keeping his promises to his fans and also making major moves in the industry.

The song, according to Stevo Simple Boy’s YouTube channel is slang that translates to ‘Am cool’. This means that whenever someone asks you how you are doing, you can use ‘Freshi Barida’ as a reply.

Stevo Simple Boy also copyrighted the phrase and has legal claim over it in case it is to be used by any other business entities.

The original song was received with much hype that built up into the rapper coming up with his own line of clothing. The clothing line got the name from the song and he has continued to roll with it.


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