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Top 10 All Time Hits By Singer Ray C 

Top 10 All Time Hits By Singer Ray C 

As Ray C trends on Kenyan Twitter and KOT reminisces about the good old days, we have compiled a list of our top 10 favorite Ray C songs.

“Mapenzi Moto Moto” featuring French Boy

“Mama Nitilie” by Gelly & AT featuring Ray C

“Niwe Na Wewe Milele”

“Umenikataa Bila Sababu”

“Sogea Sogea”

“Uko Wapi Nikuone”

“Kama Vipi” by Mez B featuring Ray C

“Mapenzi Yangu”

“Roga Roga”


We encourage you to stream these timeless hits and share your thoughts by commenting on any song that you feel should have made the list.

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