Akothee Versus Jaguar: The Never Ending War

Akothee Versus Jaguar: The Never Ending War

Jaguar’s comeback into the music industry has continued to raise eyebrows, especially with the way he returned. The Kigeugeu hitmaker released a song a week ago and has ruffled feathers with his continued jabs at his fellow musicians.

The singer got into Akothee’s crosshairs and the two are yet to stop throwing shade at each other. Akothee, recently married, was supposed to take a social media break to focus her energy on her new husband. Then Jaguar happened.

The two have been going back and forth in an online war that seems to be escalating each and every day. Akothee’s latest comments have been aimed at the former Starehe Member of Parliament who she says is embarrassing himself.

“Huyu mtu kichwa yake imejaa Akothee. Hata sahii amesaidiwa kazi kwa government and I’m still a threat to him,” Akothee posted on her Instagram on Monday, May 15. The songstress also mentioned that Jaguar was surviving on taxpayers money and still bragging about it.

Akothee further went to say that Jaguar should stop comparing himself with women as that was not what a real man is supposed to do. She slammed the politician for being in her business as she had only time for better things in her life.



“Any man comparing themselves with women has identity crisis. Nitawatandika mnikome. Akothee this Akothee that NKT!” she posted.

Akothee is not the only one who has got Jaguar in her aim. Tanzanian singer Harmonize also came for Jaguar’s jugular. The Konde Gang boss commented on Jaguar’s Instagram post by asking for the money that he claimed he had.

“That Y you said you got money over me lol. I have already denied your title from our former president magufuli if I was at your age I would have retired from music. Love you bro, keep bank on it,” Harmonize posted.

The English, albeit wanting, communicated that Jaguar should not brag with government money.

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