Zuchu to Perform in Eldoret. Is Nairobi Losing it’s Entertainment Flavor?

Zuchu to Perform in Eldoret. Is Nairobi Losing it’s Entertainment Flavor?

Tanzanian superstar and Wasafi queen Zuchu is scheduled to perform in Eldoret in December and it paints a different picture in the Kenyan entertainment scene. Posting on her Instagram on Monday, 24, October, the Tanzanian star revealed that she was planning to perform in the City of Champions on 11th December.

This comes few weeks after Nigerian upcoming star Ruger also did the same by shunning the capital city and going to perform in Meru. There were a lot of questions about his performance but the question that comes up from these two instances is that Nairobi is not attractive anyomore.

Zuchu, with her stardom, choosing to perform in Eldoret shows that the once busy Nairobi is losing its flare in attracting entertainment heavyweights. The once flashy city is slowly fading away and leaving the door of dominance to other small towns.

Meru was a surprise, especially, considering that Ruger is one of the most sought-after Nigerian performers at the moment. The ‘Dior’ hitmaker surprised many by performing in the quiet town of Meru and pulling a crowd.

Nairobians also got an opportunity to get outside the noisy city as they normally do when they are on an exploring mood. Most of the people who showed up for the show were from Nairobi and its environs explaining the fact that they’d rather party outside the capital that in it.

That begs the question, are entertainers slowly exploring other towns or is Nairobi just losing its grove?

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