“Wacheni Makasiriko.” Arrow Boy Defends Nadia Mukami’s Tight Outfit.

“Wacheni Makasiriko.” Arrow Boy Defends Nadia Mukami’s Tight Outfit.


Over the past weekend, talented musician Nadia Mukami found herself subject of public scrutiny following her outfit for her Meru concert.

The musician flaunted what she thought would turn out to be unique fashion; but netizens thought otherwise and gave all kinds of obnoxious responses citing that her stylist slept on their job on such an outfit. The outfit looked too tight, especially considering she has given birth a few months ago.

Despite the numerous denigratory statements, Nadia has eschewed response and she’s currently baby sitting her son.

Inappropriate Dressing? Nadia Mukami's Birthday Dress Code Didn't Go Unnoticed - LeoTimes

Arrow Bwoy Reacts

Nadia’s hubby Arrow Bwoy has now delivered his harangue to haters for criticizing his lady’s outfit. The heartthrob singer shared via his Instagram stories, admonishing fans to stop hating.

” Watu huku nje roho zao zimejaa machungu just ready to explode like a time bomb… Ni nini mbaya jameni? Ama ni uchumi? Why too much hate out here?”

Arrow Bwoy continued to elate his fiancée for her exemplary performance, maintaining that no female artist has ever pulled such a stunt;

”As you keep hating, others are making history… Tuseme tu ukweli which female artist in Kenya has pulled a move @Nadiamukami pulled over the weekend in Meru since Kenya izaliwe? Hakuna.”

Well, from the bright side of things, Nadia Mukami’s first ever concert turned out to be a huge success. This is all that mattered.



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