Fathermoh features Ssaru, Iphoolish and Exray on Kwaito

Fathermoh features Ssaru, Iphoolish and Exray on Kwaito

Fathermoh from Mbuzi Gang, widely known for his catchy chorus thus named the Father of Hooks has dropped a new gem ‘Kwaito’ featuring the industry.

On the collaboration lineup was Exray Taniua, Ssaru,  and Mbuzi Gang performing artist Iphoolish, the song is far on the trends already.
Kwaito is new fusion of Gengetone music that’s mind blowing.

The energy and creativity in it is very rare and timeless, the beats is flowing with each artist’s vibe and composition. Ssaru coming first to prove why she still holds it down as the best female rapper in the industry.

Iphoolish didn’t hesitate to get on the second verse after the iconic chorus by Fathermoh, the song hook is what’s making the song stand out even more. Fathermoh took his time to coin the phrases within his lyrics, in a way that you’re drawn to listen to the whole song after getting only a snippet of the melodic tune in the enjoyable chorus.

Exray on the other hand never disappoints, his unique voice and delivery always getting him favor from music lovers. He too came corrected closing the song with a vibe, all the artists pointed out to Fathermoh for bring them together on the song to create a masterpiece.

The song is a barely a month hold but it’s doing crazy numbers on the music streaming outlets, go and watch Kwaito via the link below


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