Instagram Responds to Changes for its Users

Instagram Responds to Changes for its Users

Social media platform Instagram has come out to defend itself over the changes it made. According to the Daily Show on Thursday, July 28, Instagram had made changes to the platform to include ads and notifications from strangers.

CEO Adam Moseri responded on Twitter saying the changes are designed to improve user experience. “I do believe more of Instagram is going to become video over time,” Moseri reported.

“We see this even if we change nothing,” he affirmed, saying the changes would help people discover more content. Moseri also said that users can turn off the notifications for a month if they don’t like what is in their feed.

This came after Kim Kardashian and Kyle Jenner noted the changes on Instagram earlier this week. The two Instagram royals revealed that Instagram was changing into another version of Tik Tok. This led to followers noticing the problem.

Instagram has been annoying lately, giving it’s users content and notifications that are from people they do not follow.

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