Balenciaga in The Mud?

Balenciaga in The Mud?

Did you guys see the show that was put on by Fashion megabrand Balenciaga recently? It was one hell of creativity and wild for anyone that watched the videos online. The fashion brand decided that they were tired of the usual runway modeling and took a step further.

They held their latest fashion show, get this, in the mud! I’m not joking, it was a muddy affair. The models came out in boots and dark clothes as the audience continued watching the show besides the pile of mud.

The models walked back and forth on the mud as they showcased the different outfits that had been designed for the year. The seated audience continued taking pictures as the models walked on what looked like a truckload of mud deposited on the new stage.

This creativity was unexpected and according to YouTube comments, the show was a success. Below are some of the comments:

To me this show represents the war, and the mud around is the battlefield and people leaving for it. Some have teddybears, some have their kids attached to them, some have a massive bag to take everything with them. In terms of models, their walk and the order of entrance, it starts with security, then first models look “beaten up” and somehow angry (maybe people protesting against “security” but now having to fight); then models with scars, bruises, teddybears and visibly.


Now that I’ve seen it, I need to go to a psychologist) Thanks, Balanciaga. You took me back to my childhood, back to USSR. 1980-90 years. Everything is black, dirty, on the streets there is a black swamp after rain and snow, which no one ever cleans. And I have to go to school and piano classes on it. I’m wearing my older sister’s black jacket, and my pants are too long, but I didn’t choose, I wore what my parents gave me. What they have money for. And they almost have no money.


Another brilliant presentation and innovative collection. Demna effortlessly knows how to make clothing worth talking about, whether it’s the product, styling or a response to what’s currently going on in his/the world.


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