Lil Wayne is the Greatest Rapper Alive: Ice Cube

Lil Wayne is the Greatest Rapper Alive: Ice Cube

Rapper and actor Ice Cube has revealed that Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper alive. Ice Cube, while speaking in Chicago on Friday, July, 8, mentioned that he respected Wayne and called him the greatest rapper alive.

“It’s hard to beat Lil Wayne. His metaphors are otherworldly,” Ice Cube stated referring to the rapper’s ability to entertain.

He was asked to name his best rapper alive. “He’s an amazing talent. Lyrics and making hits and has also been copied,” Ice Cube said.

“These other dudes are basically clones of Lil Wayne,” the rapper mentioned. He noted that Lil Wayne’s writing was intriguing and he respected him for that.

“Besides myself, Wayne is one of the hardest rappers out here,” he continued. The Ride Along star reported that Lil Wayne knew what he was doing and according to his skill was among the rappers he could look up to.

“I have been told that he does not write anything down when he hits the studio, and that’s pure talent right there,” Ice Cube said.

Lil Wayne is always mentioned in the top five of every fan’s favorite rappers but Ice Cube thinks that he is up there with him.

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