8 Creative Lines from Rapper Octopizzo

8 Creative Lines from Rapper Octopizzo

Henry Ohanga, popularly known as Octopizzo is one of the most creative rappers Kenya has ever produced. The rapper is known for coming up with wordplays that are funny but at the same time proving that he is a legend of the game.

Rap is about creativity, and Octopizzo does just that. The Kibera number nane has always found ways to excite his fans with his prowess on the microphone. Below are some lines we think are the most creative.

  1. Siezi Buy Gari na mtaani bado Raila anani owe dinga.

This was a favorite when the rapper was starting out. Most of his fans still quote the line when talking about the rapper.

2. Hey hey ka chakula ya farasi

Probably the best opening line in a rap song in the country. Octopizzo coined this line and it went overĀ  few heads before fans caught up to it.

3. Na hao marapper wamevaa yellow hapo backstage waambie waniangalilie gari juu skuizi wamekuwa kanjo

This line came in his mega collaboration with Vicmass Luodollar. It is still one of the most quoted lines in his catalogue.

4. Me ni Papa uliza Awinja

Still from the same song, the rapper refers to the famous TV show Papa Shirundula reminding fans of the comedy hit.

5. Ka ni beef, come to meet

This was on his collaboration with Nigerian superstar rapper M.I. The rapper had to step up on this one as he was facing one of the best rappers on the continent on his own song.

6. Walidhani wakibuy Subaru watakua wameacha legacy

On top was one of his songs that had massive wordplay. This line started off the song and it went viral though going over a few heads.

7. Ka plantation za Kericho, washatii

This line came in the On Top song and it resonated with the relationship between Kericho and Tea. Only careful listeners would get it.

8. Born in a mud house, Kibera Matopeni

Released in 2014, the line came on that collaboration with his daughter Tracy. Octopizzo gave the story of his life on this song and could not miss hitting us with some dope wordplay.

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