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Ochungulo Family song “Liquor Store” now available on streaming platforms

Ochungulo Family song “Liquor Store” now available on streaming platforms

Ochungulo Family is at it again with their latest release titled “Liquor Store,” which is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

The Kenyan gengetone group has taken the music scene by storm with their endless list of hit songs, and this project is no exception. The song is expected to be another smash hit, with catchy beats and lyrics that will keep you on your feet.

The group has a reputation for creating music that resonates with their fans, and “Liquor Store” is no different.

The song speaks to the reality of everyday life, where people turn to alcohol as a way to escape their problems. The lyrics are relatable and will hit close to home for many people.

In addition to the song release, the visuals for “Liquor Store” are set to come out later this month. Fans can expect an impressive video that complements the song’s message and beats.

Ochungulo Family has always been known for their creative music videos, and this project is expected to be no different.

The “Liquor Store” project is under Black Market Records, a record label that has been instrumental in promoting African music to the world.

With their support, Ochungulo Family has been able to reach a wider audience and showcase their unique sound.

In conclusion, “Liquor Store” is another testament to Ochungulo Family’s talent and creativity.

The song is a must-listen for anyone who loves good music, and the upcoming video is something to look forward to.

With their dedication and hard work, Ochungulo Family is sure to keep dominating the music scene in Kenya and Africa as a whole.


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