Joyce Omondi Surprises Waihiga Mwaura On Live TV as He Exits Citizen TV After 14 Years

Joyce Omondi Surprises Waihiga Mwaura On Live TV as He Exits Citizen TV After 14 Years

On Tuesday night, 2nd May, singer, wife and TV host Joyce Omondi surprised her husband Waihaga Mwaura on live TV at Citizen TV, just after he finished his final show after 14 years.

Joyce joined her colleagues at Royal Media Services to bid goodbye to Waihiga who has landed a new job at BBC Africa, specifically focus on Africa.

During the emotional farewell, the singer shared she that she admires her husband for being such a loving and a hardworking man. Joyce was so eager since it was the first time she was surprising Mwaura live on air as he doesn’t like surprises.

Joyce said …

“I’m glad I finally get to surprise Waihiga on air. He doesn’t like surprise, I admire you, as a leader, a person, and a human being. You are incredibly talented, and so hard working and I see the hours that you put in and I just honor you for it. I thank God for opening this door for you and I know that your light is gonna shine brighter and brighter. She added… “I Love you, I celebrate you and I will always be just behind you, cheering you on as your number one fan,”

In response, Waihiga said …

“My love that is the most beautiful thing anyone has said to me today.
I have received a lot of wonderful warm messages but yours top them all. Thank you so much. (Zile zingine nitakwambia baadaye). “

The two love birds have been working together at Royal Media services for a while now. Waihiga, has been hosting prime time news while his wife Joyce hosts Rauka live, a gospel show that airs Sunday morning on citizen TV.

Waihiga has surprised Joyce Omondi on air before, with the last surprise being at Switch TV, when she aired the last episode of her then show ‘Full Circle’ Waihiga showed up on air with flowers and caught Joyce off guard.

That was before she rejoined Citizen TV as the rauka show host.

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