Where Is Bahati?

Where Is Bahati?

Kelvin Kioko aka Bahati has been missing in action ever since he lost the Mathare Parliamentary seat on August 9, 2022 general elections. He is no longer being flamboyant on social media as he usually is and his fans have started asking questions.


In an expose shared by blogger Edgar Obare on Wednesday, September 28, the singer has been reported as facing an uphill task of getting back to normalcy again. One comment that was shared by Obare was that he was broke.

“Hio period Bahati alikuwa anafanya campaigns alichukua ma loans mingi hapa na pale na ndio zinamkimbisha,” he owes my “father-in-law” a lot aki hadi I pity him,” the comment that was shared in a screenshot said.


“They are fucking broke at the moment and stressed up. Well I think karma is hitting them. Ile madharau na kiburi walikuwa nayo wueeh. From Mr Seed to his signees na wale wa label yake Henewe may God come through for him,” it concluded.

Bahati has not been present in the media since his humiliating loss in Mathare over a month ago. He was rumored to be taking a break from the public after the loss but his continued MIA status has started raising eye brows.

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