Seska making waves with his fresh ‘Sugarcane’ EP

Seska making waves with his fresh ‘Sugarcane’ EP

The name ‘Sugarcane’ is the title to the latest music EP from Seska whose is part of the biggest Gengetone music group called Boondocks Gang. The EP came out as a surprise not so long ago and garnered attention of the streets and media as well.

Sugarcane Ep is a 5 track playlist music EP with one song feature from Swat Matire, it has songs like Amelia, Apewe Mic, Inflation, Situation Opaque and Tatu Tatu. The tracks arrangements and quality is something else, to ascertain your curiosity go and have a listen because they each get better as you dive deep into them.

The project was moulded under Black Market Records, the composition is interesting and we can all acknowledge that Seska has made a big contribution and a major impact in the Kenyan music entertainment scene. The whole EP is made up of Gengetone beats, in the songs he showcases his versatility and rapping flow.

The EP is out and available for streaming on all digital streaming platforms, go and check it out for free on YouTube.

Stream via the link below

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