He Makes Me Happy: Wema Sepetu on Whozu

He Makes Me Happy: Wema Sepetu on Whozu

Actress and Tanzanian superstar Wema Sepetu seems to have found her king. The actress took to her Instagram on Wednesday, September 28 to report that she was finally happy after finding someone who made her smile.

“All that matters is my happiness. That is what comes first,” she stressed. She stated that ever since she met her “Chibaba” she has been happy.

“Ever since I met Chibaba wangu I have been happy,” she said referring to singer cum rapper Whozu. The two have been rumored to be close ever since she started posting videos and pictures of him on her Instagram.

Sepetu stressed that Whozu made her happy after being sad for a long time. She claimed that she was grateful that she had finally met someone who made her happy. The Bongo movie star was asked who Chibaba was and looked amazed at people not knowing who she was revealing.

If you go through her Instagram you will get the idea of who Chibaba is as she continually shares videos and pictures of Whozu and his projects.


It might not be a power couple like her and Diamond but she might be finally settling down with someone who treats her right.

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