Kuna Kuna Hits 21million In Less Than 10 Months!

Kuna Kuna Hits 21million In Less Than 10 Months!

Kuna Kuna” has achieved a remarkable milestone, amassing over 21 million views in just 10 months.

Produced by Vic west, a notable figure in Black Market Records, the track features Father Moh, Thee Exit band, Brandy Maina, and Sauti Sol’s Savara, solidifying its status as one of Kenya’s most-watched music videos on YouTube in less than a year.

The song catapulted Vic west to the forefront of Kenyan music production, earning him recognition as one of the industry’s leading producers.

“Kuna Kuna” also garnered continental acclaim, sparking viral challenges on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, extending its reach across all social media channels.

Far from fading into obscurity, the track continues to dominate clubs, matatus, and radio and TV stations. Its catchy dance style has made it a perennial favorite at events and weddings, uniting people on the dance floor.

Notably, “Kuna Kuna” has propelled individuals to fame, including the viral chief whose dance moves at a club garnered significant attention on both social and mainstream media.

Black Market Records, the driving force behind this success, currently reigns as Kenya’s premier music label, with its artists enjoying unparalleled airplay.

Rush to YouTube and see the magic for yourself, stream Kuna Kuna via the link below


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