Top 10 Music Bloggers in Kenya

Top 10 Music Bloggers in Kenya

In the digital age, music lovers around the world have turned to music bloggers for their daily dose of musical discovery. Kenya, a country rich in musical diversity and talent, is no exception to this trend. Over the years, a vibrant community of music bloggers has emerged, dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the eclectic sounds of East Africa. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best music bloggers in Kenya who are making waves in the industry.

  1. Ghafla! Kenya: Ghafla! Kenya is a household name when it comes to music blogging in Kenya. With a vast catalog of music news, reviews, and exclusive interviews, they are a go-to source for music enthusiasts looking to stay updated on the Kenyan music scene. Ghafla! Kenya’s commitment to covering various music genres and their in-depth articles set them apart.
  2. Bloga Flani: A one man army, he embodies what real Kenyan music is. Bloga Flani has been in the game for a while now running his socials and writing for various blogs. A career that’s gotten him close to so many artists on the ground. Through his articles and videos, Bloga Flani has grown into one of the most influential music bloggers in the country.
  3. Kenyan Musik: Kenyan Musik is all about celebrating homegrown talent. They focus on promoting Kenyan artists and their music, making it an essential platform for local musicians looking to gain exposure. Kenyan Musik’s dedication to supporting the local music industry is commendable.
  4. Mpasho News: Mpasho News is more than just a music blog; it’s a hub for entertainment news, including music, celebrity updates, and lifestyle stories. With a dedicated music section, Mpasho News keeps readers informed about the latest tracks, artist collaborations, and upcoming events.
  5. KenyanVibe: KenyanVibe is not only a music blog but also a cultural and lifestyle platform. They cover music, fashion, and arts, making it a one-stop destination for all things Kenyan entertainment. KenyanVibe’s diverse content offers readers a holistic view of the local creative scene.
  6. Mdundo: Mdundo is a digital music platform that not only promotes local artists but also allows users to discover and download music easily. They host a blog section featuring interviews, music charts, and trending songs, making it a valuable resource for music enthusiasts.
  7. Musiq Jared: His niche is Hip Hop as per the collective project he recently released. Jared and his Motivation Album is a true definition of loyalty to rap music. He has grown and continued to grow despite also doing it himself without any endorsements.
  8. Anyiko PR: Anyiko PR is a public relations and content creation agency that also runs a blog focused on East African music and culture. Their blog features artist interviews, event coverage, and music reviews, offering a unique perspective on the industry.
  9. Achieng Otiato: An enthusiast in all things entertainment, Achieng is one of the most competent music blogger in the country. She embodies the character of Anyiko leaning more on the side of PR and professional growth of artists.
  10. Jenga Msanii: He is another blogger that genuinely cares about the growth of Kenyan artists. Through his Facebook page, he is always sharing and advising artists on how to navigate the industry and grow.

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