Kuna Kuna listed on Boomplay Top 100 songs in Kenya

Kuna Kuna listed on Boomplay Top 100 songs in Kenya

Most streamed and listened to Kenyan song “Kuna Kuna” has been the theme song of every highlight since it was released. The Black Market Records project featuring Thee Exit Band, Savara, Brandy Maina and Fathermoh was listed on Boomplay Top 100 songs in Kenya.

The TikTok sensational tune has charmed it’s way into everyone’s heart, the kind of reception it received was overwhelming. Having accumulated more than 4 million views on YouTube, music analytics have ranked it the number one best song on rotation and on different music charts as well.

Vic West the producer behind the amazing masterpiece has been getting alot of co signs lately. Boomplay Top 100 songs in Kenya is a chart with other notable names and songs, Kuna Kuna making it there shows how much efforts and hard work the whole team has been putting in.

Black Market Records has still retained it’s position as the top leading record label with a huge number of hit songs from across Africa. If you haven’t watched “Kuna Kuna” make sure to click on the link below


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