Meek Mill phone mysteriously stolen on his visit to Ghana

Meek Mill phone mysteriously stolen on his visit to Ghana

American rapper Meek Mill, who is spending his Christmas holidays in Ghana, has changed his tune after hours of saying that the country was illuminated as a result of his experiences there.

On December 29, the same night he gave a performance at the Afro Nation festival in Accra, he shared a pickpocket incidence on Instagram.

“They stole my phone from me, shudder. If you still have it, bring back that Jawn! “His Instagram status read in a post


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Whether the theft occurred at the event or not is unknown; it did not, however, have an impact on his performance that evening.

In a renowned club in the nation’s capital, Accra, Meek and his group partied hard Wednesday night till dawn.

Fans gushed about how happy they were to have the rapper in Ghana in the rapper’s videos and images, which dominated social media trends.

Meek Mill urged his friends in other countries to travel to Ghana and the African continent in a video he posted on Instagram, which detailed his actions.

He claims that negative narratives about Africa and its good people have brainwashed the majority of non-natives.


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