Tik Tok Star Azziad Nasenya Addresses Alleged Leaked Sextape

Tik Tok Star Azziad Nasenya Addresses Alleged Leaked Sextape

Tik Tok star Azziad Nasenya has come out to defend herself after a sex video came out and Kenyans confused her for the girl in the video. Addressing the issue of her Instagram on Monday, January 23, Azziad claimed that the video was not hers.

She reported that she was thankful that some of her fans who she referred to as her online family came to her defense because they knew all her tattoos.

“Hi Azziad here na kama kawaid a I’m doing that job of uniting Kenyans because it is what I know how to do best. So I’m sure by now most of you have seen it and I’m here to burst your bubble because it ain’t me,” she confirmed.

“I’m grateful for my online family because you guys came through for me because you know all my tats and I feel like at this point I should be rubber stamping some on my forehead to just show you that yeah that’s not me,” she continued.

Azziad slammed critics who had ropped her into the scandal calling it a move that was in bad taste. She stated that she was out there minding her business and all those who were in her business should worry about who was minding their business.

“We shouldn’t be in that business of creating false information around such topics because if you are spreading such information then you are being an enabler to cyberbullying,” she stated.

She then advised Kenyans to be rejoicing in things that made them better individuals instead of bringing each other down.

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