Wakadinali Set to Drop Ndani Ya Cockpit 3

Wakadinali Set to Drop Ndani Ya Cockpit 3

Hip Hop group Wakadinali are back again with a project that is already rumored to be another wholesome artistry from them. According to reports from the group on Tuesday, November 29, their project Ndani Ya Cockpit 3 is set to drop on the 30th of November 2022.

The group has already released teasers to the album with a snippet of their song Balalu making waves around social media. The group consists of Scar Mkadinali, Whuzo aka Domani Munga and Sewersydda, and together they have released multiple projects.

Their latest release was Victims of Madness, a full drill album that lasted on Kenyan music charts for a very long time. The album attracted so much attention from the Hip Hop world and it is still termed as one of their best.

The group then released solo projects with Sewersydda teaming up with HR the Messenger for a joint album. Scar Makdinali also teamed up with rapper Wangeci on a joint album called Chonjo.

Wakadinali also teamed up with Sirbwoy to release albeit the most played Kenyan song in the last 2 years. Subaru ya Mambaru chorus was being sang at the top of people’s voices in clubs and all other Kenyan events.

The group has headlined a lot shows since then with Octoberfest being one of their most successful events to date.


We can’t wait to experience this new album.

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